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Services and Pricing

Dog Walking - Monday - Friday £12 / Saturdays £25 (subject to availability)


We provide your dog with an hours walk, ensuring muddy paws are wiped and water bowls are filled upon return. We are happy to keep a copy of your key to enable picks-ups and drop-offs when you’re not home, and we use safe, kennelled vans to transport your dogs to and from walks. We will always pop over for a free and informal consultation so that both you and your dog have a chance to meet us before we start walks, and we can also go over any special requirements. We are insured and qualified, and have numerous testimonials.
£12 per dog



House Sitting - Starting from £35 per night


When you go on holiday or you’re away for business, there’s no need to put your dog into kennels. Simply contact Dog Trotters and one of our walkers will stay in your home to care for your animals and house plants, pick up your post and generally look after the security of your house. An excellent alternative to kennels and catteries, house-sitting ensures the equilibrium of your home and pets is not disturbed, and we provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your house is cared for in every sense of the word.
£35 per night



Home Visit - £10 (Approx 30 minutes)


Some dogs don’t require, or can’t manage a full walk, so for this reason we also offer home visits. Whether you just need us to pop in and check on your dog, or if you need your puppy let out and fed lunch, just let us know your requirements and we’ll fit them into our schedules.
£10 for a half hour visit.


Cat Feeding - Monday - Friday £10 / Saturday - Sunday £15


You may not want to keep asking your neighbour, or friends to help out with cat feeding whilst you’re on holiday, which is where we also come in. We’ll visit each day at the required time to feed your cats, goldfish and/or other small animals, ensuring the post is picked up and everything is looked after in your absence.
£10 per weekday visit and £15 for weekend visit



Puppy Visits - £10 (Approx 30 minutes)


The big wide world can be a little scary for puppies, so it’s important their first introduction to groups of dogs and social situations is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We’ll always take young dogs with small groups of calm and friendly dogs, so they learn to make friends and interact with no fear and lots of fun!
£10 per visit





Please Note: At Dogs Trotters we are extremely proud of all the services we offer. Our prices are competitive and reflect the high standards of care we offer your canine companions. All the prices listed above are guide prices and may be subject to change. Any change to the prices will be discussed and agreed prior to any bookings.


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